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Willaru is the most humble human being I have ever known. He delivers the teachings with clarity, truth and purity that is so inspiring one can not help but be lifted by his message. He pulls together so much information and boils it down into an understandable message and actionable teachings, that I am forever changed in this lifetime. It is a true blessing to have been able to spend time with this man and it is a wonderful gift that the University is being formed to give this truly amazing teacher a forum to present the knowledge he so freely shares with the world.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

- Charles B.

My husband and I met Willaru during his first visit to the U.S. over 20 years ago and met with him a few years later as he completed his mission spreading points of light throughout the U.S. We were honored to host him again in March '08 when he returned to the East. He is a very special Being.

- Jack and Tanya H.

My pilgrimage with Willaru was Life transforming, Heart opening, Head clearing and thought provoking. My sense of remembering who I really am was ignited in the magical land of Peru. Machu Picchu was absolutely breathtaking, I do believe I stopped breathing momentarily.... :) The energies of the sacred sites are undeniable. Having Willaru as a guide in Peru was more than I could have ever imagined, more than I have ever experienced anywhere, and I would highly recommend his company in his home land. Having his guidance allowed me to see, hear and feel many things I may not have, without his guidance. His confirmation and encouragement in "seeing" what is real was the most amazing confirmation.

- Jasmine M.

The moment I met Willaru I knew I had found a teacher that was true to his teachings, honorable, humble and very honest. He lives what he teaches and he is very loving and funny. I feel very bless to have met him.

- Charo E.

My experience of Peru and the Sacred Valley was an unforgettable and magical journey because of Willaru's knowledge, experience, and caring nature. He has a heart of gold, so full of compassion, joy, and love for all, that it seems bigger than his physical body.

- Deborah G.

I completely endorse Willaru's teachings and look forward to visiting his school, Willaru's teachings are "spot on" to waking up our soul/heart in today's world. A Master Teacher and Wise Elder, he is one to pay attention to, learn from and impliment these teachings into your daily life. I look forward to being in his presence again.

- Cindi Q.

It takes a Magi to to deal with Mystery and Willaru is one that has a heart with love in it. I would feel safe on the journey with him.

- Henrik S.

Additional notes from Students

This is for anyone searching to be amongst a trusted soul family member for confirmation of teachings studied to date and for more about the 'big picture' of existence. His gracefulness and smiles can put anyone at ease, take every opportunity to be in the presence of this Great One!

I felt so blessed to have had the opportunity to be in his presence, listening to him explain the higher wisdom that he received from the White Brotherhood. His words touched the depths of my soul.

The first time I heard Willaru speak, something deep within me connected to his words, and somehow I knew what he was sharing was truth, pure and simple yet deep and powerful. Being in his presence you feel the joy and love he radiates and his willingness to assist you on your path.

Willaru is a very humble man. Following his path that Spirit leads him through. To hear him speak, it comes from the heart, whether it is in a group setting or one on one. His honesty and knowledge comes out through his words. He walks in Beauty wherever he goes. Laughter is also an asset as he is a joy to be around. I look forward to visiting his school as I know it will be full of enlightenment and knowledge, as he is. It will be a reflection of his journey and others around him. This Mystery School will certainly be a sanctuary for all to enjoy.

Willaru's respect combined with humor while delivering such a vast array of knowledge and wisdom answers any question asked with complete reverence and satisfaction.

When in Willaru's presence I felt his connection to ancestors and deep understanding, wisdom that was profound and tangible. Time disappeared as a dimension.

Master Teacher of Ancient Wisdom, Very inspiring and teaches a wealth of studies. One to seek teachings from! Humble & Wise Elder.

I never sensed that Willaru's ego was ever involved in his work or teachings. He is sincere, open and light-hearted, respectful, and very humble.

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