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University of the Divine Sacred Heart’s mission is to spread the knowledge and teachings of the Masters and Ancient Mystery Schools.

The University creates the space to nurture your individual spiritual journey and personal growth by helping you recognize the Divine Love contained in your heart. The University’s goal is to assist humanity in living a more loving, peaceful and harmonious life with one another, our Mother Earth and the Universe.

We do this through creating sacred site journeys in the ancient lands of Peru in the same areas where the Inca civilization thrived. As we journey through these mystical lands, teachings are shared about the original use and purpose of these won't find this information or these teachings in the history books, or in a traditional guided tour. It is quite common that while among the sacred sites, listeners from other touring groups are drawn to Willaru and the teachings he delivers…...something deep within one's core is drawn to listen, to explore, and to remember.

Upon completion of your Pilgrimage, you will return home with teachings, tools and practices to further your spiritual journey and continue your awakening and remembrance. For some, the effects of a journey with Willaru lead to illuminating experiences and radical awakenings, while the effects for others are more subtle and emerge over several months or even years. Although each individual experience is unique and personal, connecting with the ancient lands of Peru and the Mystery School teachings will inspire, create lifelong memories, and strengthen your sense of knowing.

The University invites you to remember…. to rejuvenate your spirit…. to anchor the ancient energies and esoteric teachings into your soul….

We invite you to explore with us and live each day and moment from your own Divine Sacred Heart.

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