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Willaru Huayta

Willaru is a most genuine and patient teacher. In a most kind and loving fashion he delivers the teachings of the Masters and one feels comfortable in this great teacherís presence, due to the absence of pride, ego and/or expectation. Willaru is a teacher with the ability to be on whatever level is required of him to get his message across. His contagious joy, ease and commitment to humanity make him someone I would love to spend more time with! He is a rare gem of a human being, truly in service to humanity. The amount of light and love that exudes from this man is immeasurable. I knew from the moment I saw him that he was special.


Willaru was born into the Quetchua tribe in a village high in the Andes mountains. Though raised as a child in a life customary to the Andean highlands, Willaru began his own personal spiritual quest as a young adult. It was only after Willaru went deep into the Amazon jungle, that he was able to find and explore the true knowledge held deep within his heart.

The Quetchua are believed to be direct descendants of the ancient Inca civilization and Willaru is known in the Inca language as a "Chasqui" or spiritual messenger. Along his pilgrimage in the Amazon where the Incan Masters reside in the city of other dimensions, Willaru met a Lemurian illuminated Master that guided him to find the connection with his higher self, gave Willaru the name sun Messenger and instructed him to travel to Cusco and around the world with messages pertaining to the transitional times in which we live. It was during this same pilgrimage into the Amazon, that Willaru learned to receive Esoteric truth and knowledge.

Ever since then, Willaru has been working as a bridge between the ancient Lemurian and Inca civilizations with that of our own to share Wisdom of his Father and Love of his Mother with modern Western Society. Willaru lives in service to humanity by sharing from his illuminated heart, and teaching and sharing freely the knowledge of the Great Masters.

Willaru studied with the late Samael Aun Weor and was also a student of the Venerable Master Rabalu. Willaru strongly states that he is merely an eternal student of life and death; one who is always learning from others.

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