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There are many, many topics that may be covered during your time at the University some of which are included below. As with many light beings and true teachers, Willaru is very much guided in the moment as to exactly what will be delivered. Yes, there are some core teachings at each of the sites, but the exact course topics will vary depending on how Willaru is guided. If you believe in divine guidance and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at exactly the right timritual e and receiving the exact guidance and wisdom you need at that moment for your growth, then the knowledge Willaru will be sharing, is exactly for you.

All of these topics are specifically chosen and designed to accelerate one's personal spiritual growth.

- The Great Revolution of the Consciousness
- Astral Projection and Meditation as a Daily Journey
- Sacred Alchemy
- Sideral Years and the Seven Solar Races
- Death of the Egos
- Wisdom of the Father and Love of the Mother
- The Cosmic Laws
- What are the Mystery Schools
- Origin of the Inca Civilizations
- Mystery of the Aquarian Age
- Dimensions of the Universe
- Self Knowledge
- The Synthesis of all Religions
- Awakening and Liberty of the Consciuosness
- Inter-Planetary Trips
- Law of Cause and Effect
- Ray of the Creation and Ray of Death
- Cosmic Christ the Sun
- Doctrine of the Sacred Heart
- Negotiating personal Karma, Education of Character and Changing the Personality
- Connection with the Great White Brotherhood
- Law of Evolution and Devolution
- Return of the Red Planet and 2012
- Ancient Prophecy in fulfillment: Eagle of the North Flies with the Condor of the South

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