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Special Thanks

University of the Divine Sacred Heart wants to thank special partners that have helped establish the Mystery School. Your contributions have made a significant difference and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, while sending you peace and blessings.

~Tymoreye Elliott
Tymoreye produced the lovely graphic for the University. After meeting Willaru in March of 2008, she spent many hours ensuring her understanding of the University's purpose and context as a Mystery School in keeping with the teachings of the Masters. Thank you Tymoreye for your beautiful artwork. You may see more of Tymoreye's art and learn a bit more about her by visiting her website here.

~Barry Goldstein
Barry, a Grammy award winning musician, composer and producer, graciously donated the music behind the University's slideshow. Barry performed several selections of his "now age" music in New York City prior to Willaru's lectures there in March 2008. Barry's wonderful heart centered performance gently prepared everyone for Willaru's messages of Divine Love and teachings of the Masters. To learn more about the music and programs offered by Barry Goldstein, please visit him on the web at

~Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
Auna Joy has been a long time supporter of Willaru and the Mystery School teachings. Many years ago she drove Willaru around the United States helping to spread the teachings, and continues these efforts today by taking groups of experiential travelers around the world. An Author, Mystic and Spiritual Archeologist, she has dedicated her efforts to bringing the wisdom of the Elders to humanity. You can read more about Aluna Joy and her work at

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 Special Thanks

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